Sunday, September 12, 2010

Ground Zero Memorial Day 09.11.10

Women from the Ribbon International Project visit Ground Zero on the 9-11 anniversary with their tribute.
 Michele has been the steward of this NGO project which is affiliated with the UN.
The group was inspired by its founder Justine Merritt, who in 1982 began a grass roots effort for World Peace. 
 To honor the memory of those that lost their lives and those first responders who risked their lives to save others, I created this ribbon for the 2010 day of remembrance. The panel was sewn, painted and glued.
My inspiration was an indelible photograph of the firefighters climbing up the rubble.
Ribbons are crafted using sewing, painting, embroidery, collage, and other hand crafts.  Each segment of ribbon measures a meter by one-half meter in size. 
Ribbons or ties are attached to all four ends in order to "tie" the sections together and form the "ribbon." 
According to the mission statement of the Ribbon International, "Each Ribbon segment celebrates the beauty and importance of life.  When symbolically tied together, they show we are ready to join with all humanity in protecting Earth's life."
Each panel lovingly represents this sentiment.
 For those readers who do not live on an island as most of these women do, we went in on the Long Island railroad, which means we had to go through a tunnel, 
then we took subways in order to get to and around the island of Manhattan.  Think about this.
Our day started at the Dag Hammarskjold Plaza,
near the United Nations Plaza.
We arranged the Ribbon.
After a prayer for peace, the ladies tied segments of the ribbon
around their shoulders so that they could
walk down to the construction site of Ground Zero.
We did assemble on street corners with the ribbon, which passersby responded positively and respectfully.
 We walked over to the waterfront, where the Statue of Liberty could be seen in the distance.  It was another unforgettable day.
This is a picture that I took on the fifth anniversary of 9-11.  I was there during the evening when the Twin Towers of Light were lit.  The large flag on the opposite building completed the memorial image.  It was an amazing memorial.


Margaret Gosden said...

Great shots and a great project! I hope these pieces of art work promoting peace will be joined by many others in years to come.

Erin | Bygone Living said...

Wow, what a nice commemoration you all held; wish I could have made the trip over there.

And that last picture-- simply beautiful ♥

Acornmoon said...

Thinking of you and those terrible events.