Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Merry Mixup December 2015 Warm Weather's Effect on Plants

 This December on Long Island, the weather has been unusually mild.  As a result the flowering shrubs and bulbs are mixed up!  They are sending out blooms and growth several months too early.  This is a Winter Jasmine flowering plant. 
 A beautiful Sky Blue Vinca blossom.
 Peach colored Japonica flowers.
 The next year's buds for the Montauk Daisey.
A male Holly
Mint leaves coming up in the Blueberry Box.
 Grape Hyacinth leaves popping out.
 A Raspberry!
 Cat Mint flowers in a planter box.
A new shoot for a Day Lily plant.
 My favorite late blooming Chrysanthemum, but this is really late.
The new plants at the base of each stem for that Chrysanthemum.
 Snow Drops shooting up.
 A Yucca which never looked this good all summer.
 Ferns around the White Walnut tree.
 Hydrangea buds showing up too early.
 One of the Knock Out Roses trying to bloom.
 I tip over planter pots for the winter months, so that the contents and pots don't freeze.  But the plants continue to grow.
 A remarkable photo of one of my Bridal Wreath shrubs.
 A purple bloom on a perennial.   What will happen to these plants come Spring.  I guess that I will have to wait, but after the last two really snowy and cold winters this is a gift!


lisa lewicki hermanson said...

I agree Lori, this is a gift ! I spotted mint growing in my garden the other day, too - no complaints !

Willow said...

This is crazy! A raspberry in late December!
Happy New Year!