Friday, May 16, 2014

Pretty in Pink Spring Flowering Shrubs 2014 in the Jarvis House Garden

Spring flowering shrubs always bring joy to the gardener,  This was a particularly hard winter and most of the Azaleas made it through. 
An outstanding Rhododendron that has an aroma.  It smalls like bubble gum!  The flowers are quite large and it blooms early.
An unusual Azalea with sort of a water mark.

 These, there are two, Azaleas have some blossoms which are not only white, but pink and white.

 Bleeding Heart
A very leggy specimen
 An Azalea with orange blossoms, and is flowered loosely.

 A cascading form
More Bleeding Hearts
 A bi-annual, the flowering stage of the Sliver Dollar Plant.

An Azalea with a tree like habbit

 These flowers are small but almost glow
 The white Bleeding Heart

 The flowers on this Azalea are large

The two pictures above show the habit which is cascading, and the very compact and explosive crowded nature of its blooms
Lastly, a Japanese Painted Fern which is a dark pink.  Flowering shrubs can last  decades, and truly add to the color of the Spring garden.

6 comments: said...

Pretty in pink indeed!
loved this post!Bobby and Kristin followed your advice about their front yard.
It is looking good over there!


Willow said...

The rhoddies and azaleas are two of the flowers shrubs I miss from when I lived in Oregon. I was surprised to see the hibiscus blooming--it's more a hot weather plant.
Lovely flowers make lovely memories. Thanks.

JC said...

I feel like I just walked through your yard. Thanks so much for sharing.

Enjoy your weekend,


Sue Allalemdjian said...

So beautiful. Thanks, Lori

Sue Allalemdjian said...

So beautiful! Thanks, Lori

Bernie H said...

I'm drooling. What a feast for the eyes. Those Azaleas are just wonderful. I have two little dwarf Azaleas in bloom now, but they're not quite as eye-catching as yours.