Sunday, September 16, 2012

Late Summer Bugs in the Jarvis Garden

Praying Mantis, so named because of the gesture of its arms , or Preying Mantis also know as because of its predatory nature.  Love seeing these in the garden.

A Monarch feeding on the leaves of the Asclepias,  or Milkweed.
Butterfly bushes attract many, many "bugs."
As do the Phlox in the late summer garden.
My yellow butterfly bush seems to out grow in size and flowers, its brothers in purple, and is  more attractive to the garden bugs.

Monarch butterfly on a perennial Ageratum bloom.  I always think of these plants as "back to school flowers," because they always seem to bloom the first week of school, right after Labor Day.
I guess that I will have more Monarchs next year!

A large Bumble Bee on a Sedum just beginning to show color.  

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