Thursday, July 26, 2012

Wedding Reception Baskets for Ladies & Gents Bathrooms

 A great job for the mother of the Groom is the creation of Guest Bathroom Baskets for the Reception hall.
 My future daughter-in-law entrusted this task to me.  So that is what this pile of items will be turned into.
 After looking up suggestions for the contents of such baskets on the Internet, I headed for the local dollar store.
I decided not to use wicker baskets, but rather colorful plastic baskets, blue for the gents, green for the ladies. 
 At first I thought that I would line the baskets with pieces of a colorful plastic table cloth.  But then I opted for weaving white tulle through the openings.
 I gathered a second piece of tulle for a bow.

The colorful plastic cloth was cut up into smaller pieces to fit just the bottom of the baskets.

 I kept with the color theme and loaded the gents basket with blue wrapped items.  (List to follow.)
 The dollar store had cute smaller pails for the hand soap, small cups,  mouth wash, and room fresheners.
 The ladies baskets contained green wrapped items with a few pinks and purples too.

 I found very nice paper folded and monogrammed hand towels.

 I added tulle bows to the pails.

My future daughter-in-law supplied me with two picture frames with easel backs which were perfect for  a poetic message of welcome for the guests.  I combined two poems that I  found on-line and a  free graphic.
 I made tags which identified which wedding and which bathroom, ladies or gents, the baskets were intended for. The baskets are to be dropped off a day or so before the wedding, so no mistakes.  This made it clear to the reception hall staff where the baskets were to be placed.
 I added the towels to the pails.
At the dollar store, I found packages of two large cellophane gift wrapping bags.
 These made it easy to wrap up the baskets, so that the contents would not fall out during their trip from my house to the reception hall.  The items could be better arranged once they arrived at the reception hall restrooms.
Job done!  It occurred to me that this could be a nice little on-line business for someone who likes to create gift baskets.  An item list could be supplied, customized by a check off, and it easily shipped to very busy brides maids, or like me, mothers of the groom.

Possible items:
rolls of breath mints, mouth wash and small cups, band-aids, safety pins, Aspirin, or Advil, pocket tissues, small bottles of hand sanitizer, floss, deodorant, eye glass or contact lens cleaners, emery boards, cough drops, Chapstick,  notepads and pens, hand lotion, Q-tips, combs, sewing kits, gum or hard candy, matches, bobby pins and elastic hair bands, tampons, panty liners, samples of perfume, cotton balls, take away tooth brushes, and tooth paste, Tic-tacs.

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Elizabeth said...

A job well done!
And way ahead of schedule!