Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Martin Viette Nurseries a Place for Gardeners

 A place for all gardeners is the fabulous Martin Viette Nurseries in East Norwich, Long Island.
Viette's is a gigantic nursery that has the top of the line plantings and garden accessories.  This roadside garden center is Strictly North Shore Gold Coast all the way!
 Hard to believe that this much land in Nassau county can still be undeveloped.  Thank heaven!
They carry every imaginable terra cotta plant container,
fiberglass pots,
 stone fountains,
 stone urns,
in such abundance that it is almost too much to look at.
There are flats of flowers,
 hanging baskets.

and funky furniture.
 But the bottom line is,  that they carry unusual nursery stock, as in this unique Red Bud Tree.
Of all the plants there, this was my favorite.  I am so glad that someone finally figured out how to make a pendulous Red Bud.  They are a better bet than cherry trees because they are not susceptible to bugs and disease, and are of a similar color and blooming time.
Here are two large Camellias that will survive on Long Island.

 Ideas for plant combinations for containers.
There is a very extensive indoor shop.

Here is a Southern Magnolia in a huge wooden container, ready to be planted by this nursery in your garden.
I was sorry to leave, but I will be back when I figure out where to dig a hole for that special Red Bud tree!  

Martin Viette Nurseries
6050 Northern Blvd/25A
P.O. Box 10
East Norwich, NY 11732


JC said...

If I lived near, I'd sure go there. I love places like that. So, go figure out what you can fit into your yard and take photos of your next trip.

Anonymous said...

Such beautiful plants.

lisa hermanson said...

I just recently saw a camellia in someone's yard just like the ones in your picture. I did not know they
got that big!