Monday, March 19, 2012

Early Spring 2012 Flowers in the Jarvis House Garden

We have had an unusually warm winter here in the North East.  As a result some of the spring flowers are a little ahead of themselves.  Crocus bloom.
 Different varieties of Daffodils break out.
 Small Blue Grape Hyacinths near the walkway.
Ice Follies which will fade in the center as the week goes by.
 King Alfred, the largest Daffodils in the Jarvis Garden.
A bi-color and a mini bloom near the foundation.
Cuttings of Hydrangeas that were transplanted this week into separate pots.  I rooted them two seasons ago in large plastic pots.  They were just stems, and the soil was kept wet all summer long.  Roots developed, the experiment worked!
 Chrysanthemums that  rooted  as a result of drooping over and self propagating.  Here I moved them to a large pot.
 Crocus,  deep Purple, Striped White and Purple and pure White.

 These cheerful yellow flowers are actually the blooms of a very invasive weed known as Marsh Marigolds.  They are impossible to remove from the garden.
 The Pussy Willow tree near the back patio.
 Whle I was outside with my camera I heard a lot of garden birds chattering.  Looking up,  I saw a pair of Red Tail Hawks circling the Jarvis House Garden.  These two will keep the population of rodents that were not eliminated this winter due to the warm weather, in check.  Unfortunately they will also deplete the Mourning Doves and Rabbits.
 The lovely Crocus and a cast iron side chair.  Here's hoping that the weather continues to be mild. 


lisa hermanson said...

Amazing that the daffodils are out already. I have never seen hydrangeas in pots!!

Elizabeth said...

A very pretty post.
Looking forward to to seeing it in person!

robertschmid said...

your crocuses look much healthier then the ones you see in the city..... maybe better air and earth?