Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Of Robins and Snowdrops...Is it Spring Yet?

 The other day I heard a lot of chattering, I mean a lot of bird chattering outside my back door.
 When I looked out I saw  more Robins than I have ever seen in one place, at one time.  They were clustered in all of the large trees  out back.
 They are very distinctive in their movements and vocalizations.

 Usually they migrate away from Long Island for the winters.  But this has been a very mild season so far,
 the grass is still green and the soil hasn't really frozen. 
Robins were all over looking for food and berries.   Were they a little ahead of schedule?  This was still February.
 The snowdrops are out in force.
Maybe the birds and flowers are confused, but I loved seeing them all.

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Bernie H said...

Obviously the Robins and the Snowdrops think it's Springtime already. That's a whole lot of Robins in the tree waiting for Springtime.