Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Huntington Community Thrift Shop 2012

What is the best destination on Long Island for a cold winter's day?  The Huntington Community Thirft Shop, 274 New York Ave., Huntington, NY.  631-271-4883.
 When people ask me where to find this gold mine, I always point out that it is directly across from a huge parking lot with a purple mural of Huntington Harbor, Route 110, (New York Ave., Huntington village).  If you walk across the street you will be there,
at the shop.
 On the front door there will be signs describing the sale of the day.
 Inside there are many, many shifts of volunteer workers sorting donations, pricing items, taking these items out to the floor for display, and  maning the cash register up front.  Here Joan the head volunteer for the Visiting Nurse/Hospice House charity, works in the back room.
Zelda working for Cancer Care.
 Lee is the shop manager on Mondays, Dolly the other days.
 The shop has many, many pieces of art, including paintings, watercolors, prints, and sculptures.
 There is a cabinet containing fine jewelry, and collectibles.
 Piles of housewares including fabulous glassware, dinnerware, and other serving pieces are in the front room,
as well as on display in the back room.  Our volunteer Karen artfully puts everything into tableau's  of color,
which she changes as per the season.
 Classic cookware and bake ware, including vintage cast iron pans, can be purchased.
Quality classic Corningware casseroles and Faberware pots and pans,
and newer homegoods can be found.
I am dedicated to using the vintage American products like a Singer sewing machine, mainly because these products have stood the test of time and work better than items imported from Asia.  Make no mistake, these items are hard to keep in the shop, because we are realizing that "made in the USA" meant something that would last and perform well.
The shop gets a large amount of woodenware and
baskets of every description.  Baskets containing assorted items, are wonderful for creating interesting gifts, and you can match a lovely dish towel, place mat or fabric remnant as a liner.
When you enter a thrift shops,  you think women's clothing,
but there are racks of clothing for gentlemen, including the occasional tuxedo, and baby and children's outfits too.
Lighting of every kind can save you money,
as do small appliances.
There is a spearate book room with paperbacks and hard cover books.
Art tiems
from around the world
come into the shop
Collectible dolls are reasonably priced.
Vintage furs,
 quality shoes and boots are there for a fraction of their original prices.
We have jeans,
evening gowns, for that one-time use,
and plenty of souvenirs which traveling Long Islanders have donated.
We have an antique expert, Seta,  examining jewelry and objects.
and smiling volunteers, such as Nancy, working the donation desk that day for Huntington Hospital.
Sissy Moffet is the lead volunteer for the shop.  When you think about what is generated by this thrift shop and the six charities that we work for: Cancer Care, Daytop Village, Family Service League, Huntington Hospital, Planned Parenthood, and the Visiting Nurse Service & Hospice of Suffolk, Inc., you begin to understand  how our countless hours of work recycles the "stuff" people no longer need.  It benefits the shoppers and hopefully keeps them out of credit card debt, (we only accept cash). We send items to other charities that we are not permitted to accept as an outreach, and support community residents because most of the money collected stays within the township of Huntington.
Our hours are Monday-Saturday 10:00 am-4:00 pm.  Donations are gratefully accepted during those times.   We give receipts for donations which are handy for your taxes.  There is no down side to this venture.  If you have larger items, call first to see if we have the room to accept them, and thanks for helping us to be considered the number one Thrift Shop on Long Island.

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A very worthwhile enterprise for all concerned!