Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Veterans Day Kiwanis Club of Huntington Flag Tribute Field of Honor

To honor and recognize to past and present veterans who have dedicated their lives to protecting our freedom, the Kiwanis Club of Huntington has created a "Field of Honor" American flag display on the knoll in front of Huntington's Town Hall.
The Huntington's Town Hall is a short walk from the Jarvis House.
After crossing Park Avenue, I see the twisted Poplar tree.
A rustic path leads to
a memorial to the fallen veterans of the Viet Nam conflict. 

The Kwanzan Cherry trees that are planted in this part of The village Green, were planted by women in Huntington as the first living Viet Nam Memorial in the nation.  Each tree represents one fallen hero.

The path continues towards Town Hall.  The creek meanders through the heritage trees.
 As you walk from the village Green to town there are roadside Poplar trees
 which remind me of the faces of people.
Two large Victorian Houses were lovingly restored and saved and re-purposed as professional offices.
Extensions were made compatible with the original architecture, keeping Main Street true to its historic appearance.
 This very impressive display of American Flags was created on the front lawn of Huntington's Town Hall.

 In a newspaper ad, the Kiwanis Club of Huntington put out a call for donations which would purchase an American Flag to honor a veteran for Veterans Day 2010.  Money collected will go toward sending children of veterans to camp.  The flags will be up from Nov.1- Nov. 30.  At that time flags will be made available to the donors once the flags have been removed.
This particular American Flag which had flown over the United States Congress, was  given by Rep. Steve.Israel.
 My father's name, Carmelo Guglielmino, was submitted to the Town of Huntington's memorial wall for WWII.  My mother, Rose, always respectful and patriotic, arranged to have him included. 
Carmelo Guglielmino, Bronze Star recipient,  member of the 907th 101st Airborne Division, was at Town Hall the day this Memorial was dedicated.  My mother escorted him into the building.  It was very crowded and my bothers and sister, and their grand kids stood on the lawn outside.
 He had had a heart attack a while before this and rarely spoke, but she told us that when they started to sing patriotic songs inside the Town Hall during the dedication, my father sang along.
The names of the donors and the honorees were listed alphabetically.  I continued my mother's efforts to remember my dad, the veteran.

 It was a special experience walking through the fluttering flags on that clear  Autumn day.
Each flag had a yellow ribbon.

This is the wall of honor recognizing the names of Huntington residents who fought and survived in Viet Nam.
 My neighbor Reginald, (Rex) Metcalf is represented there.
The iconic helicopter is incorporated in the Viet Nam memorial design.
This is a memorial to all of the Women of Huntington, who served our country.

In the middle of the memorial garden there are historic plaques of all of the wars and conflicts that took place in American History.

Take the time to walk through these flags.  Take the time to remember the Veterans who took the ultimate challenge.

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Sue Allalemdjian said...

Thanks, Lori.
It makes me homesick (in a good way). Huntington is a great place to live.