Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Tax Day Tea Party Hauppauge 04.15.10

Sometimes you have to take a stand if you have an opinion.   This is a cornerstone of the First Ammendment right, part of the Bill of Rights as defined by the U.S. Constitution.  Click on highlighted words for more information.
This is what happened in Hauppauge, Long Island on tax day, April 15, 2010.
Groups of people came together in a grass roots  " Tea Party" styled movement on the slopes of the H. Lee Dennison Center, a Suffolk County complex of executive office buildings,
which also is the site of many memorials to U.S. veterans.
There were about 3,000 participants who listened to a few short speeches, said the pledge of allegiance, sang patriotic songs, and carried American flags, including the yellow Gadsen flag, and posters expressing their opinion regarding recent political events.
On the podium is Steven Flanagan organizer of the rally and head of the Conservative Society for Action.
Groups of people stood on the Veterans Memorial Highway with banners, flags, bells,  and patriotic costumes, receiving "thumbs up", cheers and agreement from drivers and passengers in cars as they streamed by on the way home from work. 
The rally message was about holding up the values of the Constitution, limited government as outlined by the Constitution,
and the increasing debt and taxes.
Frustration, and with a feeling of not being heard or represented fairly, caused people to speak out and assemble legally and in an orderly manner. 
People listened.
Some made dramatic statements.
Some wanted to clarify who they were.
The people  wanted their thoughts and views to be heard, and they did it in a respectful way.   I carried a sign that read:
Who am I?
a granddaughter of legal immigrants that came through Ellis Island
daughter of WWII army Veteran 101st airborne division
retired professional
mother of two
taxpayer since 1966 when I was 19
independent thinker and voter in every election
The whole time I was there I thought about my "blue collar" dad & mom who raised and paid college tuitions for four professionals, and believed in" no loans."

The reverse side of my sign said, " I have no debt, I don't want yours."
and "Patriotic American Woman."

There are many videos on YouTube.  Type in Tea Party Hauppauge, April 15, 2010.


Erin @ I Heart New England said...

This looks great... wish I could have been there! I especially love the "'WE THE PEOPLE'..." sign. So very true!

Dan Maloney said...

Excellent posting, Lori!
Thanks for being there! I linked your report in our recap of Tax Day Tea Parties from around New York State.

Willow said...

My brother attended a tea party on the other side of the country :)