Monday, November 30, 2009

A Jarvis House Thanksgiving

This is a funny little mother turkey flower container that I got at the Community Thrift Shop.

 These are the last remaining flowers in the Jarvis House garden. We gathered up to create an informal arrangement for the table.

Starting with the plooms  from the large grasses and using Sage and Oak Leaf Hydrangea leaves, a turkey tail forms.

The last of the Roses, Chrysanthemums, Rudbeckia, and Veronica fill the pot.

 We add real fruit to a woven cornucopia and more leaves from the fall leaves of the Oak Leaf Hydrangea, with a Rudbeckia flower.

In the kitchen, Aunt Gloria, the best family cook, adds her touch to the stuffing.  We used cornbread stuffing with peeled apples, sausage, celery, onions, raisins, bouillon, and butter.  The pan was my mother's.

The side dishes included green bean casserole, a back to basics classic, sweet potatoes, a cranberry fruit mold that my sister made, mashed potatoes,

breaded carrots, my sister makes like my mother, and a wonderful green vegetable salad.

This gravy boat just the thing when you need it for Thanksgiving.  I had a hard time finding that "pink stuff in a small can" with which to clean it, but finally I got the new version of "Wright's silver cream" cleaner.  We've had this gravy boat since the 60's.  Plated items like this can be discovered at all thrift shops and church sales.  They usually look tarnished and awful, but they can be polished and saved for Thanksgiving.

 Whatever the season, there is usually something hanging from the brass chandelier over the dining room table.

There are holiday decorations all over the house.

The Thanksgiving Cactus blooms in the hallway.  How it does this on time every year is always a mystery.
The table is set, and
we carve the turkey,

wood is at the ready for the wood burning stove.

Happy Thanksgiving to all.


willow said...

Jarvis House looks so cozy and inviting. I especially like the vintage map. Thanks for sharing your Thanksgiving celebration with us!

Willow said...

I too wondered about the vintage map on the wall. Is it a map of the area where Jarvis House is located?

I think a Jarvis House Thanksgiving would be warm, cozy and yummy!

JC said...

Your house is very seasonal ... I have to work on that ... now that it's Dec and all .... LOL