Sunday, September 27, 2009

Italian American Museum Little Italy, NYC

A new museum, in the heart of Little Italy, NYC, tells the story of Italian Americans. Little Italy is a neighborhood in lower Manhattan.

Click on the number with a star to see the restaurant.

The Museum is located at 155 Mulberry Street, on the corner of Grand Street, in a historic, and beautifully preserved bank.Dr. Joseph V. Scelsa is the founder and president.The original interior of the bank, which was founded by the Italian American, Francesco R. Stabile, in 1885, is lovingly preserved and restored.This is what the National Italian American Foundation said about the Stabile Bank:
"Banca Stabile has remained in the Stabile family since 1880s when Francesco Stabile founded the bank.
It was a cornerstone in the community offering banking, translation, mortgage, money-wiring, insurance and travel services. The Stabile family left the building intact since the bank closed in 1932; tellers' windows, a huge safe, the contents of safe deposit boxes, period light fixtures, clients' bank books, deeds and passports remain intact and are on display."An introductory video is presented at the beginning of the tour.Exhibits display artifacts of the Italian American neighborhood, and of the Stabile business. This is a small museum, but it tells a huge story about the contributions of proud Italian Americans.Before you leave Little Italy, stop in one of the many bakeries, and taste Anise Toast, my personal childhood favorite. They tasted just as I remembered, even though I grew up on Long Island!


Elizabeth said...

Looks totally fascinating!
We went to the Feast of San Gennaro last Sunday.
It was great.
Are you going to blog the pickle festival?

Sinclair said...

Very interesting! Thanks for the tour.

willow said...

New York has such a wealth of interesting history. I love the Madonna and child icon.

Thanks for you comment over at my place. I ADORE Thomas Hart Benton!!! I was in Kansas City this spring and was lucky enough to see many of his works at the Nelson Adkins Museum. Also have blogged on him a few times:

kiyoteekisser said...

Nice tour. Love old buildings. Now I won't have to go there when I'm in N.Y. next month....

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