Friday, May 15, 2009

A Lightship, Tahiti Ketch, & the Christeen

There are three wonderful sea going crafts moored at a dock in Oyster Bay, Long Island, a short drive from the Jarvis House. One is an Historic Lightship, the Nantucket, there is a Tahiti Ketch, and the last is the Oyster Sloop, and historic ship the gaff rigged Christeen.A walk down the ramp gets you closer to the Ketch and the Oyster Sloop.
It was stormy out that day, as it has been for most of the month of May here on Long Island. The Nantucket was looking for a permanent home, and it may be moved by way of the Saint Lawrence Seaway to the Great Lakes region.Looking through the dock at the side of the Nantucket.The Tahiti Ketch is gaff rigged on the Main. This information was supplied by my friend and "Old Salt" who has worked as a volunteer on board the Nantucket, and is educating me regarding the parts of a ship and the types of sails, and vessels.This boat possesses beautiful craftsmanship.These are mast hoops, which are probably made from Ash wood and steamed into rings.The Ketch is double ended which means that instead of having a flat stern, the stern is pointed like the bow.The Christeen is an historic Oyster sloop which has national historical significance in commemorating the history of the United States of America and bears a plaque which was given to it by the National Park Service of the U.S. department of the Interior in 1991.It is lovingly preserved and kept up.
The round sheaveless blocks in this picture are called "dead eyes." The wooden pins that the lines are made fast to, are called "belaying pins."An artful way of coiling rope on the Christeen,and rope on the dock near the Ketch.At the end of the dock was an Oyster dredge, and more rope. Click on the names of the two ships to learn more about their history.


Elizabeth said...

What wonderful boats
most interesting details about the same.
Long Island is certainly a boater's paradise.

robert schmid said...

cool boats

robert schmid said...

thanks for the encouragement on elizabeth's blog , your very sweet. soon it will be beach time again, i'm looking forward to it

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