Monday, March 30, 2009

One Dollar - All Tag Sale Shoe Box

Going to tag sales and thrift shops has been a passion for many years. Each time a box of "stuff" is offered the contents can be wondrous, especially if it is "1- all."This is a series of pictures of the contents of one such shoe box.This is group #1. As each batch was revealed, uses and purpose for each piece were considered. A small leather pouch, a stainless lid to a jar, yes, those could be saved. The purple cookie cutter and the red plastic soap box would be given away to a child.Group #2 contained international treasures. There were two sets of bamboo bookmarks from someone's trip to China, and a small terra cotta clay pot with a note inside that declared it to be an "Heirloom pot from the Garden of Windsor Castle!" This would be a gardener's delight especially if reading were a second most consumer of time.Gropup #3 contained a book mark, a mini clay pot that wound up in someone's fish tank, an antique porcelain bisque doll head that had been badly broken, and a small bar of soap probably from a casino, with a colorful poker hand printed on it. There were wooden stirring sticks with ends shaped like stars, covered carefully with paper.The next group, #4, had some practical uses for each item. There were two shoe horns, another bookmark, golf tees, a party gift from "Wendy & Steve's wedding, a shoe brush to "clean old books," a small package of gift tags with black and white cats playing ball.A charming pipe cleaner and bead doll made in some elementary school crafts class, more book marks, a gift bag, a cosmetic brush for applying blush, wooden skewers for a fruit hors-d'oeuvres, two wooden clip-type clothes pins, a pair of scissors,
and a magical acrylic paperweight with a puff of a dandelion inside, made up group #5.The last group pulled from the tag sale shoe box contained a very old package of photo corners, 25 cents! There was a red wax candle in the shape of a ladybug, a package with a wooden monogram type letter "D", an American flag which had "an army of one" printed on it, and a cardboard clock. The flag and the clock were keepers.
An amazing bargain, and $1 for all.


Elizabeth said...

Treasure amidst the junk!
The thrill of

this is my patch said...

My goodness, all this for a dollar! One of these boxes would keep a child (or an adult) amused for hours. It is wonderful! x

Anonymous said...

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Sinclair said...

Oh what a wonderful find! So many possibilities in that one little almost discarded box of treasures. Thanks for sharing!

lisa hermanson said...

A fascinating collection - I liked the way you grouped the items into smaller groups - you could sell each of those as grab bags - perhaps for a dollar or more each!